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Pump Testing and Tanker Operations

Northwest Fire Services (NWFS) is a dedicated fire department support group.

Our goal is to assist the various departments in testing of equipment and give a year to year base line for their ISO ratings and provide a yearly performance test of their equipment for the department maintenance records. District Fire Apparatus Pump Testing is completed on an annual basis per NFPA 1911 standards.

The test process ensures the following:

  • The Fire Pump will perform to ISO ratings for Class A Fire Pumps.
  • The Fire Pump Test will provide the District with base line performance data for comparison with past pump tests to help determine repair or replacement, if necessary.
  • The Fire Pump Test will provide a training experience for personnel in drafting, hydraulics, and the mechanics of pumping apparatus.
  • Northwest Fire Services will also maintain these records for each piece of equipment so NWFS can assist the departments in their scheduling for future testing and any repairs that are needed.

NWFS can meet the role of Pump Testing, Treatment of Invasive Species and Type 1 Support Tender.
NWFS has a custom built full stainless steel construction tanker setup for pump testing which is also perfect for treating aquatic invasive species. NWFS circulates a potable water chemical solution (suitable for pools and drinking water) that kills veliger and adult zebra mussels along with Eurasian watermilfoil and others over a period of 24 to 48 hours.

Northwest Fire Services is here to help your department and will work with you if you have questions or concerns.

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